BARSAM Herbal Resources is a harvester, manufacturer and supplier of some natural products and herbal ingredients mainly in the form of raw materials. With its headquarter located in the heart of the Middle East, Barsam has its state-of-the-art processing plants in Persia and a few sales partners across the world. At Barsam, both organic and conventional grades crops are grown in the main habitat of the plants, all pesticides free with the highest possible qualities. Besides, there are organized teams of collectors who do wild-harvesting under official licences and no risk for nature. After some primary but professional processes preparing different grades of products to use in different industries, we serve our customers around the world with tailor-made high-quality and natural products.

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Our Policy is to provide non-GMO naturally healthy products through environment-friendly methods



Barsam is a certified ISO9001, ISO22000, GMP and HACCP company, under the scope of Harvesting, Manufacturing, Supply and Distribution of herbs and natural herbal products, and related support services

We are always ready to reply your enquiries, provide you with technical information and free samples, or arrange to meet our potential customers in person

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